Additive manufacturing – 3D printing

Additive manufacturing probably is currently the the fastest developing method of fabrication. In contrast to the machining methods such as turning or milling, this process allows for the creation of extremely complex geometries, which are impossible to achieve by machining. The DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) process comes down to building a part of the layer-by-layer, by selective melting of the metal powder using a laser beam. According to this method it is possible to obtain structures with inner cooling channels of almost any shape and orientation. Also, it is possible to manufacture components of the reduced weight by the use of the scaffolds, instead of solid material inside.

The device fully automatically produces metal parts directly from CAD models. The machine can operate using both argon and nitrogen as a shielding gas, so that it is possible to use powders in a wide range of metals and alloys. Additional, CIT has two devices, which uses FDM method (Fused Deposition Modeling). This allows for the rapid manufacturing of the models made of ABS plastic or biodegradable PLA plastic. This solution is characterized by the speed and relatively low cost of use, and at the same time significantly accelerates the design and prototyping process.

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