Owned measuring tools also allows for measurements of the tribological properties of lubricants such as greases and oils. With possessed laboratory equipment it is also possible to investigate the wear and scratch resistance of materials used for sliding elements of machines, testing the nanohardness and adhesion of coatings.

It is possible to conduct studies of tribological properties of friction pairs in the following arrangements:

  • Ball-on-Disk
  • Disc/Plate-on-Disc/Plate
  • Intender-on-Plate
  • Crossed Cylinders
  • 4-Ball Test

The following tests can be carried out under conditions of dry or lubricated friction and at ambient or at a predetermined temperature of the lubricating medium.

Test are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the following standards: ASTM D 2981, ASTM D 3704, ASTM G 77 and ASTM D 2714.

The use of additional measurement tools allows to run additional tests, like the measurement of electrical resistance or acoustic emission. In addition, system also allows for the tests of nanohardness and Young’s modulus.

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