Strength and fatigue tests

Wytrzymałość i zmęczenie

Owned strenght testing machine allows to conduct static and dynamic tests with the axial stroke of the actuator up to 60mm in the field of:

  • dynamic axial load carrying capacity up to 10 kN,
  • static axial load carrying capacity up to ± 7kN,

In addition, torsion tests are possible, with a maximum torque of ± 100Nm, at a stroke of the rotary actuator up to ± 135 °.

This allows to run the tests of:

  • stretching,
  • compression,
  • bending,

as well as allows to use ready scenarios to perform:

  • detachment, tearing and abrasion tests,
  • set of tests for metals,
  • tests of extended control (by force or displacement),
  • tests with extended reporting and graphical presentation,

In addition the machine is equipped with:

  • temperature chamber with the internal dimensions 485 x 240 x 230 mm, that allows to conduct the tests in temperature range from ambient temperature up to 350°C,
  • mechanical holders for biaxial dynamic tests of 10kN, 100Nm with ability to work at temperatures ranging from -7°C to 350°C,
  • extensometer for dynamic and static testing, with a set of arms that allows for the configuration one of the two measurement bases: 25mm and 50mm at the range of measured deformation: 12.5 mm, -2.5mm,

Testing machine has been calibrated in accordance with ISO:7500-1 in the direction of tension and compression in the case of the measuring head, and in accordance with ISO:9513 in the case of the extensometer.

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