Observations can be are carried out by one of two microscopes, coupled to the PC computers. This allows for both – an overview of samples using the eyepiece, as well as on a computer monitor and also gives possibility to save the pictures in the form of graphic files.

The first of two held microscopes is equipped with a lens with a magnification accordingly x4, x10 and x40, as well as a color camera with a CMOS sensor and a resolution of 3.2Mpx. The software that controls the work of the microscope allows to save calibration data files in addition to images of the sample.

The second one in addition to the basic lens with 20x magnification has three lenses with accordingly 10x, 50x and 100x magnification. The software controlling the work of the microscope also allows for the measurement and inspection of the observed 2D geometry, with particular attention to measurement of the geometry of circles, distances and angles.


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