Research offer

The offer of Centre for Innovative Technologies includes:

  • making expertises, issuing opinions,
  • providing of technical advisory services in the field of work carried out at the Centre for Innovative Technologies,
  • conducting researches in cooperation with companies from the region,
  • running training services for specialized technological issues,
  • providing of demonstration services, which will show the need to implementation of innovative solutions,
  • joint research and implementation projects,
  • organization of scientific seminars, study visits and conferences.

Technological solutions developed in CIT will allow for:

  • enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs within the macro-region of Eastern Poland through innovations in products and processes,
  • raising awareness of the business sector – including SMEs – with innovation transfer forms, that are available and how they are conducted within the CIT,
  • strengthening the capacity of the enterprise sector – including SMEs – through the increase the number and growth of companies in the field of advanced technology within the macro-region of Eastern Poland,
  • increasing synergies in terms of effective cooperation between the R-D sector represented by CIT and industry within the macro-region of Eastern Poland,
  • eliminating barriers to cooperation between SMEs within the macro-region of Eastern Poland and the sector of research and development,
  • intensifing the cooperation between research institutions and enterprises (especially from the Subcarpathian region), promotion of entrepreneurship and new technologies, and as a result of the above to create an effective platform for cooperation in the field of technology transfer and innovation,
  • stimulating the involvement of private capital in research and development, particularly in terms of willingness to invest in the area or to support innovative processes and products, new technologies and services,
  • increasing the level of generation of innovative products and processes in various industries within the macro-region of Eastern Poland – especially for aviation industry, electrical engineering, automotive and agri-food,
  • growth of the consultancy in the field of advanced technologies,especially in the field of the development of new products, services, technological methods and processes, which will increase the matching between supply and demand for the innovations in the economy of macro-region,
  • supporting and increasing dynamic of cooperation between economy and science, ie. the entrepreneurs, research and development centres of University of Rzeszów and academic societies,
  • increasing the level of innovation and competitiveness of enterprises in the Subcarpathian region and within the macro-region of Eastern Poland,
  • strengthening the capacity of research and innovation for University of Rzeszow by the growth of research and development infrastructure and by increasing the number of specialized laboratory equipment which will serve for the scientific purposes,
  • create a more friendly environment for cooperation between entrepreneurs and researchers in the area of innovations introduced by the companies,
  • raising the awareness in the enterprise sector – including SMEs – about available forms of transfer of innovations,
  • generating greater stream of knowledge transformed into new products, services and technologies.

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