Centre for Innovative Technologies

CenterCentre for Innovative Technology (CIT) is a research and development unit of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences which belong to University of Rzeszow. The Centre is equipped with modern, highly specialized equipment and devices to enable the pursuit of scientific works, development and implementation in the field of manufacturing engineering. Laboratory equipment provides greater opportunities, which allows to focus on the modernization of the diagnostic and machining methods and research various physical and mechanical dependences of the manufacturing processes (with particular emphasis on surface treatment), as well as the influence of the processes parameters on the effects of treatment and advanced manufacturing technologies development. At the moment the Centre for Innovative Technologies is the only research facility of this kind in the south-eastern part of the Poland, which is completely focused on the research topics of the surface layer, surface engineering and non-conventional manufacturing technologies.

MikroskopyThe Centre collaborates with other national and international facilities of a similar type – scientific-technological parks, centres of technology transfer and other R&D entities which creates innovation system, thus resulting in a development of technologies and ideas based on the latest scientific achievements. CIT activity is mainly directed towards the needs of aviation industry, but also electrical engineering, automotive and agri-food industry.

EquipmentCentre is a project, which jointly with other investments already realized in University of Rzeszów will provide a place for exchange of knowledge and technology between the representatives of basic sciences and industry practitioners. Its existence will allow for intensification of activities, aimed at the as broad as possible introduction of modern, energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies into industrial practice. CIT will be conducting the research, development and implementation works, which results will form the technological innovations applicable to business practice.

MikroprojectsThe generated results of the research will be disseminated and distributed to be used in the business sector, especially within the Subcarpathian region. One of the tasks of the Centre is to meet the real needs and expectations of the companies interested with technological innovations.

Such cooperation will contribute to:

  • modernize and improve products quality by optimizing production and by computer aiding of the processes,
  • easy access to information about new technologies in the industry and to assist in the development of new products, technologies and services, as well as assist in the evaluation of these technologies and their possibility of implementation.

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